Not Just Another Roofblock

C-Port C Series C10
C-Ports provide innovative, economical support systems for Gas and Refrigeration Pipes, Electrical Conduit, Ducting, Roof walkways, HVAC and Solar Racking.

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C-Port Product Categories

C-Port C10

C Series

The original C-Port, 100% recycled rubber support block with galvanized channel strut to support hundreds of applications.

Isometric view of C-Port's CXW Rubber Block

CX Value Series

Our most economical series, comes without an attached strut to allow for maximum flexibility and affordability.

C-Port CR10 Pipe Support

Roller Series

Our roller series utilizes a rubber roller to allow for small amounts of movement in the supported lines.

AP24 and AP36

Air-Port Series

C-Port Air-Ports provide a solid support for all electrical and HVAC equipment. The perfect long-lasting alternative to roof-damaging heavy concrete curbing and pressure-treated wood blocks.

C-Port CE10-8 recycled rubber support

Extension Series

The Extension series allows for elevated support of piping, conduit, HVAC lines, and hundreds of other needs.

DSAW12-1831 Duct Support mounted on two CW10 C-Ports

Duct Support Series

Using telescopic crossbeams, our duct support series are height and width-adjustable for supporting any roof pitch.

C-Port CP36-2436 Platform Picture

Platform Series

Non-penetrating, bring-to-level support for HVAC and other electrical units.

C-Port's CB Bridge Series - dual C-Port rubber support bases with strut bridging the two

Bridge Series

C-Port's CB Series allows for the support of piping and conduit on top of existing lines.

C-Port CS10 Variable Angle Rooftop Support

Special Application

C-Ports designed for seismic environments, supporting smaller copper tubes, and variable-angle configurations. All that and hundreds of other usages in our special application categories.